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Why printing is the renewed media of choice for businesses and organisations like yours!

Over the past few years, amongst consumers and purchasers there has been a significant desensitisation to marketing and communications such as email, digital advertising and social media advertising. This is driven by the volume of over marketing through these mediums.

There is now once again a huge opportunity for the printing industry to show its lead, because the digital marketing bubble is close to bursting! The level of digital fatigue in the average consumer has never been greater. Many major brands, marketing agencies and commerce are returning to print because they want a cross-media campaign tied to digital assets, but they really want to return to print to engage and cut through with consumers again with a tangible marketing item that buyers admire, keep, refer to and share.

It is not real until it is printed!

So what about trees? Don’t believe the digital hype, paper made from trees for printing is derived from trees farmed specifically for the purpose of producing paper for print and that the paper and pulp industry plants far more than it harvests. This is one of the major reasons why there are now more trees in the developed world than one hundred years ago.

The paper industry plants more than it harvests and today there are 25% more trees in the developed world than in 1900. Paper is biodegradable, renewable and sustainable. Growing and harvesting trees provides jobs while forestry plantations provide clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat and carbon storage. A decline in the demand for paper products risks a decline in sustainably managed re-growth forests. Use print, it is tangible, it is effective in getting your message across and when recycled it will come back to us again as paper or board.

It’s time once again to choose print!

John Brailsford ~ March 2023

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